Ultimate Guide to Recycled CD Crafts

Recycled CD Ornaments

The shiny side of a CD is the perfect backdrop for creating an eye-catching ornament. You can decorate just one side of the disc or get fancy and glue two CDs together with the shiny sides facing out so it glitters from every angle.

From here, you can use any number of materials to decorate your ornament -- ribbon, lace, beads, gemstones, sequins, glitter and acrylic paint. Decorate the outer circle with any design you like, then glue a piece of ribbon to the back or drill a hole at the top to attach it to a door, wall or branch on your Christmas tree. CD ornaments can get very fancy if you have the time.

One popular craft project includes cutting out a picture from a newspaper or magazine or printing one from the Internet and gluing it on the shiny side, over the center covering the original label of the CD. For Christmas, you could use pictures of snowmen, snowflakes, Santa Claus or you could cut out images from old Christmas cards.

For Valentine's Day, you could paste pictures of hearts or angels on your CD ornaments. For Halloween, you could use pumpkins, witches and black cats. For the Fourth of July, try pasting pictures of stars or the American flag in the center. You can even make these festive CDs for St. Patrick's Day or Easter.

For holiday parties, you can decorate the border of the CD with glitter glue, take Polaroids of your guests and paste them into the center. Just drill a small hole in the top, loop 10 inches (25 cm) of string or ribbon through the hole and voila -- a party favor everyone will remember [source: Make-Stuff].

Another variation involves tracing stockings, bells, trees, stars or snowmen on the shiny side of the CD and cutting out the shapes using a small electric scroll saw. Use a dremel to smooth the edges and punch a hole in the top for string. You can paint the CDs with acrylic paint and write kids' names across the front with a metallic permanent marker [source: Make-Stuff].

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