Recycled Plastic Crafts

Whether you've got spare milk jugs or soda bottles or plastic bags, these recycling crafts can put them to good use.

A bag made from bags? It may sound redundant, but it's eco-friendly ingenuity at work. You can also put your bags to work in the garden, bedroom and closet.

Reusing plastic soda bottles to make crafts is a good way to utilize creativity, save money and benefit the Earth. Instead of taking up space in a landfill, soda bottles can be used to make candles, mobiles, noise makers and more.

As the green movement spreads, so-called "up-cycling" has brought the blueprints for record-breaking inventions to mainstream society. Recycled vinyl record crafts are some of the most creative among those plans.

When it comes to recycled-object crafting, CDs have a lot going for them. They're shiny, lightweight, round and have a smooth surface for attaching pictures, gemstones, fabric or whatever else suits your fancy.

Every week, we hit the grocery store and fill our carts with food groups spanning the food pyramid -- including milk. And when you're done, that plastic jug can be turned into a myriad of craft projects.

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