How to Make Picture Frames

Popcorn Picture Frame

Popcorn Picture Frame
Popcorn Picture Frame
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The next time you make popcorn, save some for this fun popcorn picture frame. Try not to eat it all as you create this picture frame kids' craft.

What You'll Need:

  • Popped popcorn (air-popped or plain microwave varieties work best)
  • Small self-standing picture frame (matte)
  • Craft glue
  • Colored pebbles or marbles

Be sure to let the popcorn cool before starting this project. Don't put butter or salt on it, either.

How to make a popcorn picture frame:

Step 1: Glue a layer of popcorn around the edge of the frame.

Step 2: Let the glue dry, then glue some pebbles, marbles, or any other kind of colorful decorations on the frame wherever you want.

Step 3: Let the glue dry again, then fill in any remaining gaps with more popcorn.

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