How to Make Picture Frames

Beans Galore Picture Frame
Beans Galore Picture Frame
Beans Galore Picture Frame
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The colorful dry beans in the Beans Galore picture frame turn a photograph into a very special keepsake that can be put on the refrigerator or placed in your school locker.

What You'll Need:

  • Cardboard
  • Bag of dried mixed-bean soup
  • 2 magnet strips


  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Craft knife
  • White glue

How to make a Beans Galore picture frame: Step 1: Measure and cut a piece of cardboard two to three inches taller and wider than your photograph. Cut a hole in the middle where your photograph will show through. If you are old enough to use the craft knife yourself, be very careful. Craft knives are very sharp.

Step 2: Pour the dried beans into a big bowl. Separate the different types of beans you want to use into piles.

Step 3: Pick a type of bean to go on the sides and a type for the top and bottom inside rows. Squirt a line of glue on the cardboard and lay a row of these beans along the inside edges of the frame.

Place a second row of beans on the frame. (Step 4)
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Step 4: Select another bean to go on next. Squirt another line of white glue next to your first row of beans, and place a second row on the frame. Keep adding lines of beans until your frame is filled.

Fill in all the space with a variety of beans. (Step 4)
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Step 5: Let your bean frame dry for an hour or more. If any of the beans are loose, squirt more white glue around them.

Step 6: Glue magnet pieces to the top and bottom of the frame. Tape photograph into frame.

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