How to Make Picture Frames

Quilled Paper Picture Frame

A quilled paper picture frame is a unique way to display photos.
A quilled paper picture frame is a unique way to display photos.
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Quilling, or curling strips of paper into elegant shapes, is a traditional American folk art. Make this beautiful quilled paper picture frame and place your best friend's picture inside.

What You'll Need:

  • Sheet of stiff black paper
  • Photograph
  • Strips of orange, teal, and yellow construction paper, 1/2 inch wide by 6 or 8 inches long
  • Scissors
  • Round chopstick or knitting needle
  • White glue
  • Paper plate

How to Make a Quilled Paper Picture Frame:

Step 1: Trim the photograph and glue it to the middle of the black paper. Cut four strips of paper, each one inch longer than a side of the photo.

Quilling involves curling strips Quilling involves curling strips
Quilling involves curling strips

Step 2: Wrap the end of a strip tightly around the chopstick. Curl the ends of each strip enough for the strips to fit along the sides of the picture with curls meeting at the corners.

Step 3: Put glue puddle on plate. Dip bottom edge of curl into glue, then set down at side of photo. Repeat for other sides of photo. Make curled strips for the outside edges of the paper; add two curls for each side. Glue strips down.

Step 4: Make six heart-shaped curls by folding a four- or five-inch strip of paper in half, then curling both ends toward the middle. Glue a heart curl above and one below the photo. Glue two heart curls on each side of the photo, fanning out from the middle.

Step 5: Make S-shaped curls by curling the ends of a three-inch strip of paper in opposite directions. Make spiral curls by curling a two- or three-inch strip all the way up.

Step 6: Glue S curls and spiral curls into the open areas of your frame to create a pretty design.

Step 7: Make a cardboard stand to set your picture on your desk, or glue a loop of ribbon on the back to hang it.

Keep reading to learn how to make more awesome picture frames.

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