Recycled Crafts for Kids

Even the youngest members of the family can help out with these projects. Read about recycled crafts for kids.

Wearable crafts are popular with kids, so why not let them turn old household items into fun and frugal fashion? Try these ideas for recycled crafts your kids can dress up in.

Once your kids finish with their juice boxes, don't throw them out -- instead, recycle them to make craft projects together. Try these ideas for recycled juice box art, toys and games.

For many birdwatchers, setting up a bird house right next to your home is a favorite pastime. Building one yourself can be even more fun, and using recycled materials lets your creative fancies take flight.

Glass is an abundant product in our everyday lives. Whether it's an old jam jar, a candy dish or even a window, it may be useful for something else. Before you toss it, think about ways you can get crafty with glass.

Displaying your favorite photos has never been easier once you make your own unique picture frames. Learn how to make picture frames for kids.