Recycled Cloth Crafts

Don't just throw out those old clothes! They might come handy in some of these recycled cloth crafts.

Your closet is overflowing with T-shirts, blouses, pants, jeans and even pajamas you no longer wear. Sure, you can donate some stuff to the thrift store, but not everything is worth the trip. Try recycling that fabric for a craft project instead.

Ever outgrow a pair of pants, but just don't have the heart to give them away? Luckily, there are ways to hold on to those treasured trousers and use them for other means in your life.

Before you think about throwing away your family's aging T-shirts, consider the crafting potential. The design possibilities are limited only by your wardrobe, so raid your closet, grab your T-shirts, and read on.

Thinking of junking your worn-out or ill-fitting jeans? Recycling and reusing denim for crafts large and small will save you money and free up space in both your closet and your local landfill.