Top 10 Ways to Dress Up Your Boring Corkboard


Repurpose and Personalize

Take a photo of a post-it note with an organizational category written on it (for example, "To-do" or "Memories"). Then print this photo and pin it to a portion or column of your corkboard dedicated to that category.

You could even take this idea one step further by taking a clear, high-resolution digital photo of your entire corkboard (with all its current adornments, photos and tacked memos). Then have this image printed onto media the same size as the corkboard (or photograph, print and reassemble one section of the board at a time). Glue or tack this image to the corkboard, and then re-adorn it to your liking. The background image of favorite photographs pinned to the cork board may even allow you to put the originals away, freeing up space on the cork board while retaining the images you love in the background.

Pages from old textbooks or instructional manuals specific to your field of interest or expertise can make great, personal background adornments for your corkboard. For instance, if you enjoy travel, you can cover your cork board with old road maps or atlas images. Wordsmith? Create a background of old dictionary pages.

Next, borrow some design ideas from your kitchen counter.