5 Unusual Uses for Plastic Bags


Plastic Bag Stuffing

Stuffing storage items with plastic bags will protect them when they're not in use.
Stuffing storage items with plastic bags will protect them when they're not in use.
Photo courtesy Alia Hoyt

Anyone who has ever received a package stuffed with plastic foam peanuts knows what a mess-waiting-to-happen this is. The peanuts that don't spill out all over the floor end up stuck to your shirt, pants, hair and even your hand when you're trying to scoop them up. What's more, they're not very environmentally friendly. The next time you send a package, spare the recipient the trouble of dealing with wayward peanuts: Use plastic bags as a mess-free option for cushioning materials. In fact, you can use bags for most of your stuffing needs (except the Thanksgiving turkey). Have breakables to pack up? Stuff the mouths of glasses or crystal with wadded up plastic bags, and then pad the rest of the box with more bags. Help out-of-use purses keep their shape by stuffing them with old bags. The same goes for curtain valances that need a little oomph and even decorative pillow shams for which you have no pillow.

With a little ingenuity, you'll find an unusual way to reuse the plastic bags you haul home from your next grocery store run. And if your imagination runs dry, avoid collecting them by opting for reusable totes.

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