10 Unique Wall Art Displays


Fabric Wall Art Displays

Collect a few old T-shirts to make a new piece of art.
Collect a few old T-shirts to make a new piece of art.
Courtesy of Kim Johnson

The traditional fabric wall art display is, of course, a tapestry. If you're finances are limited, you're probably not going to go out and buy a historic, finely woven tapestry, or even one of the modern variety. But there are still several ways you can use the beauty and warm feeling of fabrics to decorate your walls.

If you're a quilter, can take a quilting class or know someone who's good at quilting, you have a natural source of unique wall art. One popular approach is to collect T-shirts for quilt squares. A quilt of T-shirts gleaned from years of childhood participation in school and sports activities can make a colorful and sentimental hanging for a young adult's wall. Or collect T-shirts from all the cool places you travel on vacations, or from all the races or triathlons you compete in, and combine them into a quilt. To prepare a quilt for hanging, simply sew a fabric sleeve onto the back at the quilt's top, and insert a wooden rod or dowel.

Not into quilting? Don't despair. Many other fabric items make attractive wall art displays. Browse thrift and antiques stores for vintage tablecloths or a set of decorative cloth napkins. Find old samplers or pieces of needlepoint. Larger fabric pieces can be mounted on dowels or wooden rods and hung, perhaps suspended by decorative ribbons. Iron or stitch a couple of pleats into a tablecloth to make it hang more attractively.

Smaller textile pieces can be mounted and framed in simple, inexpensive frames. Framing can also make a unique piece of wall art out of an old doily, placemat or hanky with a crocheted border. Search your grandmother's attic or browse thrift stores and flea markets for textile treasures.

About ready to hang up your quest for creative wall art? We'll help you figure out how to do it. Read on for suggestions for suspended wall art displays.