10 Unique Wall Art Displays


Framed Wall Art Displays

An expertly framed print or painting makes great wall art. You may be fortunate to have one or more hanging in your home. But if your funds are more limited than your imagination, don't despair. Inexpensive frames with inexpensive contents can produce pleasing displays, especially when you group several together.

You can decide to use frames that are all alike, or you can choose to be eclectic, letting the variety of frames add to the interest. If you decide to keep the frames alike or similar, inexpensive, plain frames of black, brown or white, depending upon the color of the wall behind them, can do just fine.

This is a versatile option -- you can frame whatever you like. You may think family photos are too personal or too mundane to display as wall art, except perhaps in a den or bedroom. But try combining old photos of, say, your great-grandparents with more recent ones of other family members printed in black-and-white or sepia tones. Frame them all similarly in plain frames, or thin frames with white mats, or even frames you make yourself from old wood you find at a salvage yard.

Or find other images that are eye-catching and have meaning for you. Arty jackets from several old books can make a great display for someone with an interest in literature. If last year's wall calendar is just too beautiful to throw away, consider choosing three or four of the best shots. Mat and frame them, and you have inexpensive but quality prints. Try framing related but dissimilar objects such as a music score, a performance program and a collection of tickets and group them in a display. Dig out your old posters, or find vintage ones at a thrift store, and hang them in inexpensive poster frames.

Still need ideas? Keep reading for ideas about fabrics as wall art displays.