10 Unique Wall Art Displays


Jewelry Wall Art Displays

You may not wear it that much, but it would look great inside a frame, don't you think?
You may not wear it that much, but it would look great inside a frame, don't you think?
James A. Guilliam/Getty Images

Jewelry can be eye-catching, beautiful, outlandish or funky. Why relegate it to a drawer or jewelry box when you're not wearing it? We're not talking about valuable jewelry; of course you want to keep your expensive pieces and treasured heirlooms in safe places. Think costume jewelry -- the more striking the better.

There are several ways to display decorative jewelry to create unusual wall-art displays:

  • Hang it. Use decorative hooks or antique nails to create a display of large necklaces and strings of beads. Hang several together, side by side across an empty wall space, ideally one with a plain, light-colored surface. If you want to add brooches, lockets or other pendants that don't have their own chains, try hanging them from narrow ribbons, mixing them among the strands of beads and chain necklaces. You could also add in a few chunky, large bracelets for contrast and added visual interest.
  • Hang it on something decorative. There are all sorts of decorative earring hangers available. Often, you can find attractive, unusual ones at craft stores or fairs. Mount the hanger on the wall and hang up your biggest, flashiest earrings. Add a bracelet or two in a strategic place for more flair. You might even find a decorative metal item in thrift or antiques stores with wires or hooks suitable for hanging earrings and other small pieces of jewelry.
  • Frame it. Decorative pins and brooches can be mounted on stretched canvases. Or buy thick frames with fabric backers, and attach your pins artfully inside. Or secure a pleasing variety of jewelry items to fabric-covered cardboard inside a frame. Use several matching frames of jewelry items together for a larger wall art display.

If you have jewelry items that you wear frequently or are so valuable or delicate that you don't want to use them as wall art, another option is to take their pictures and decorate with those. Place small items such as rings or pins individually on the same background –- say a piece of cloth in a color that will complement both the items and the wall where they will hang. Take photos. Have the photos enlarged, frame then, and hang the framed pictures together in a display.

Speaking of frames, what other framed items besides expensive works of art can make interesting wall art displays? Read on to find out.