10 Unique Wall Art Displays


Natural Wall Art Displays

Album wall art may be inexpensive, but maybe it's not your style. Instead of looking to music for your muse, just take a walk outside.

Using nature to decorate your home can be something fun to do solo, or enlist the entire family in the project. Whether you live at the coast, near the mountains or in between, nature holds a wide variety of items just waiting to be incorporated in a unique wall art display.

Two of the most obvious items are sticks and leaves. The next time you notice a bright, colorful leaf, pick it up and put it in a safe place until you have collected enough leaves to create a piece of wall art. Pressing leaves will help maintain the shape of the leaves and remove moisture. On a table or countertop, place the leaves between two paper towels or paper napkins and set a heavy cookbook or encyclopedia on top.

If you want to preserve your leaves beforehand, you can take your pressed leaves and coat them in wax using wax paper and an iron. Lay wax paper on an ironing board, wax side up. Then scatter your leaves on the paper, leaving room between each leaf. Place another sheet of wax paper, wax side down, on top of the leaves. Iron the leaf/paper combo for one to two minutes.

Depending on the size of d├ęcor you are aiming for, glue the leaves to a blank canvas or card stock in any desired pattern. For added flair, paint the canvas before gluing the leaves. To preserve your finished artwork, cover with a light spray of varnish.

Similarly, plain old sticks can turn a plain old wall into something worth admiring. Find a handful of sticks, big or small, and glue them together in diagonal, random patterns. A typical design will resemble a sun, but you can use your imagination and create something outside the box [source: Jenkins].

If you're after something with a coastal flair, gather your shell collection, glue and a canvas or small piece of plywood. You can sketch out a pattern to follow or just glue the shells in free form on the canvas. Finish your piece with spray varnish and add a little sparkle with spray glitter, if you like.

Still looking for ideas? Keep reading. What you need may be hidden in plain sight.