10 Unique Wall Art Displays


Album Wall Art Displays

This is an abstract collage of old, worn 45s and their paper sleeves.
This is an abstract collage of old, worn 45s and their paper sleeves.
©iStockphoto.com/Eliza Snow

So creating metal art, windowpane mirrors and stencil patterns aren't your things. But don't fret if you're beginning to worry that there's no hope of you making your own unique wall art display; this project should have you humming a different tune.

If you (or your parents) have retired a vinyl collection in favor of an iPod packed with digital tunes, don't ditch those albums. The design potential they possess can bring any room to life in no time. And if you're not lucky enough to possess any old album covers, you should be able to find some at a number of places, including thrift stores, local music stores and yard sales.

Hanging record albums on the walls is not a new trend, and it's not just for college dorm rooms or co-ed apartments. A clever display of old Clash albums or Johnny Cash covers would look equally fitting in most any home.

By following these basic steps, old album covers can provide a modern, edgy look or a stylish verve to your walls in minutes:

  • Draw out a plan for how you want the albums to hang. You can have a simple, side-by-side, grid-like arrangement for a clean look, or you can opt for something less organized and more organic; don't be afraid to get creative.
  • Set aside two L-shaped screws for each album cover. These screws will hold the album covers in place.
  • Measure the area of the wall you're decorating and the album covers. Then, following your plan, mark spots on the wall where you will put the screws. The screws need to be set in from the edges of the album -- 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 centimeters) should work fine -- just make sure the measurement is the same for each screw.
  • Insert the screws into the wall using a drill or by hand. Depending on how long your L-shaped screws are, you might not want to screw them into the wall completely. Just make sure you have plenty of room for the album cover to sit comfortably atop the screws without falling forward.
  • Hang your album covers on the screws [source: Pash].

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