10 Unique Wall Art Displays


Glass Wall Art Displays

A collection of small glass bottles with green leaves.
A collection of small glass bottles with green leaves.
©iStockphoto.com/Stefan Witas

Wall mirrors have garnered popularity for decades, and it's a timeless look that never goes out of style. But while many people still fancy the traditional mirror in a standard frame, there are other ways to create a design on your walls that will reflect your personal style, if not provide visitors a glimpse through the window to your stylish soul.

OK, that was a little corny for a lead in -- but we couldn't resist it for this project. You can use an old window frame as an accent to your mirror. As you'll learn with this project, making wall décor from glass doesn't have to be difficult, and recycling fans will love the old window frame hanging on your wall.

First, you need to find a window frame. You can find old window frames in many places, including salvage yards, flea markets, junk shops, antique shops and yard sales. Once you've found the perfect window frame and purchased a mirror to fit it, it takes only a few simple steps to create a mirror wall display for your home:

  • Remove the glass and any material that is holding it in place.
  • Remove any peeling paint or unnecessary hardware from the window frame.
  • Lightly sand the frame. (If you want a natural look, simply varnish the frame. If you want something less rustic, sand the frame more and then prime, paint and varnish it.)
  • Secure the mirror to the frame using caulking or putty.
  • Attach picture-hanging hardware to the back of the mirror. Be sure to select the appropriate hardware for the size and weight of your new mirror [source: Ruffman].

If this project leaves you ready for more hands-on work, read on.