10 Unique Wall Art Displays

Shelved Wall Art Displays
Shelves are simple, but surprisingly effective ways to display wall art.
Shelves are simple, but surprisingly effective ways to display wall art.
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You may not notice them much, but don't dismiss your shelves as a great option for a wall art display. If you have shelves, make the most of them. If you don't have them, consider adding them. Have you ever wished you had a fireplace so you'd have a mantel for displaying objects? Mount a shelf in a strategic spot.

Try mounting several shelves, perhaps of varying widths, on a large, empty wall. If you want something a little funkier, corner shelves can turn an unused corner into an attractive art display space. You can also place wall shelves all the way around a room near the ceiling to display a variety of favorite decorative objects.

Don't want to hang or mount shelves on your walls? Buy free-standing shelf units. Metal or wire shelving doesn't have to be just for the kitchen or pantry: Because you can see through such shelves, your decorative objects placed artfully on them against a wall become a display visible from much of the room.

Once you have shelves in place, make the most of them. Don't just store books or other objects in dull, orderly rows; turn your shelves into real wall art displays.

One good way is to mix framed photos and prints of various sizes among books, decorative plates, pottery, baskets and other decorative collectibles. Using shelves as art display spaces can make it easy to change the art you want to feature without having to make holes in the walls.

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