10 Unique Wall Art Displays


Metal Wall Art Displays

The tarnished and corroded patches on this sheet metal star give it the perfect rustic look.
The tarnished and corroded patches on this sheet metal star give it the perfect rustic look.
©iStockphoto.com/Lisa McDonald

Considering the increased interest in green living, people have been using a variety of recyclable materials in their home décor, including metal. And you don't have to be a welder to try your hand at using this versatile material.

Professional metal art pieces can be large, dramatic and oversized. As with other larger art pieces, something of this scale should be placed in a room large enough to accommodate its size. In a small room, it might be imposing rather than engaging. Since you'll be creating your own metal wall art, it's up to you to decide the size and scope of the project. Let the space dictate your direction.

Once you've selected the room, it's time to select the metal. For this project, you want a metal that adapts well to molding, etching and bending -- so go with aluminum. Start by purchasing a sheet of aluminum (24- or 26-gauge or so should work well for a small room). In addition, you'll need a desired pattern or shape, a ballpoint pen, a pair of scissors or tin snips (depending on the thickness of the aluminum), sandpaper, a small hammer, silicone and a piece of plywood.

Follow these four basic steps to create a metal art piece that will suit any room of your home:

  • Place your pattern or shape on top of the aluminum sheet and trace the pattern onto the aluminum using the ballpoint pen.
  • Once the pattern has been traced on the metal, cut the pattern out of the metal sheet using scissors or tin snips.
  • The edges may still be jagged, so use the sandpaper to sand the edges of the metal to the desired smoothness. Depending on the thickness of the metal, you could use the hammer to roll and smooth down the edges to create a lipped edge to your creation.
  • Use the silicone to adhere your finished metal art to the wood [source: Selvidge].

If you want to be even more creative, you can find a large frame for the plywood and tack the plywood to it. Before mounting your metal art on the plywood, paint the plywood a solid color or use a mixture of colors and a pattern. Voilà! You have an interesting, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork for your wall.

While metal has been an increasing trend for home décor, you may want something more traditional and elegant. Read on to find out how to create your own glass decorations.