10 Things Made from Recycled Wood


Decorative Boxes

There are plenty of uses for one of the easiest things you can make from recycled wood: a decorative box. You might build a box to show off a treasured item (1989 league bowling championship trophy), display a certificate behind glass on the lid ("Certified Member in Good Standing, Bowling Academy") or to store something that just needs a good-looking home (lucky bowling shoes).

Any type of wood works for box-making, as long as you take into account the intended use of the box and whether or not it will be exposed to the elements. And here's a bonus: In addition to being an easy project, building a decorative box with recycled wood can save you lots of money compared to purchasing one. If you don't think so, go price-shopping for a simple wooden toy chest, and you'll be reaching for a hammer and nails in no time.

Building a box can be as easy as forming six equal-sized square pieces of wood (a base, four walls and a lid), attaching the base and walls using nails, glue or screws, and using two hinges to attach the lid. In fact, if the box is purely decorative, the lid can be left unattached, or attached permanently like any other side of the box.

After that, you have plenty of options when it comes to painting or otherwise decorating the box. And once you're done, you can rest easy knowing you've built the perfect home for that 9-pound Bowling Ball of Destiny.

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