10 Things Made from Recycled Wood



Turning an old door into a table is a great way to recycle wood.
Turning an old door into a table is a great way to recycle wood.
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Before you toss that old door in the Dumpster, think twice. A door may be a door, but it can also be a table.

Many woodworkers use reclaimed lumber like barn doors and wood from old farmhouses and warehouses to make furniture. Because much of this wood was harvested more than 100 years ago, it often comes from old growth forests that are dry, stable and dense [source: Old Barn Wood].

Your new table can come from ancient wood or from contemporary sources like a solid bedroom door. Doors can be turned into coffee tables, kitchen tables or dining tables -- really just about any table you need.

To start, take the door off the hinges and remove all the hardware. Scrub it with soap and water. Let it dry, then strip or sand the door if necessary. Next, apply primer to the entire door, including the sides, top and bottom.

Then you have a fresh canvas to do whatever you want. Some crafters have sponge-painted their doors or used stencils to draw their own design [source: Sattler]. You can get as fancy as you want, or paint it a solid color.

Once the paint dries, be sure to use a sealant like polyurethane. To be extra safe, use more than one coat. Once those have dried, turn the table upside down and attach the legs, which you can buy from a variety of furniture or hardware stores.

For a finishing touch, you may want to top the table with a sheet of glass. You can have one custom-made or go to your local auto repair shop and get a piece of tempered glass [source: Sattler].

The glass top is not just good for protection; it also allows you to customize your table by changing the scenery whenever you want. You can switch out pictures, pieces of wallpaper or fabric from between the wood tabletop and glass whenever the mood strikes [source: Crafty Crafty].

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