Top 10 Recycled Plant Containers


Old Footwear

Old work boots make ideal outdoor planters.
Old work boots make ideal outdoor planters.

Rather than tossing your old kicks in the trash, consider turning them into an exceptionally amusing home for a plant. In particular, old work boots or rain boots work really well, not only because they're large in size, but also because they're sturdier than your average stiletto.

To begin, first gather your footwear, two plants, potting soil, small rocks and a drill (or a hammer and nails). The most important part of preparing the footwear -- and many of the other planters we'll discuss -- is drilling holes to allow for drainage. Carefully use your drill to create small holes along the bottom of the shoe, a few inches apart. Place a few rocks along the bottom to help water drain and keep the holes from clogging. Next, pack in a layer of potting soil and start planting!