Top 5 Recycled Items You Can Use in a Collage


Glass Items

Recycled glass will add sparkle, texture and color to your collage.
Recycled glass will add sparkle, texture and color to your collage. Kontowicz

Did the dog knock over and break another glass vase? It's OK -- it doesn't have to be a total waste. Turn the broken pieces of glass into art.

Glass is another element perfect for collage. It adds sparkle, texture, color and yes, magnification.

When looking for glass materials to incorporate into your collage, consider using chandelier crystals, watch faces, miniature perfume bottles, marbles, colored beads, broken beer or wine bottles, pocket mirrors and rhinestones [source: Hunot].

Collect these items from around the house, put down newspaper or a drop cloth and make a big pile on the kitchen table or floor of the living room. Add in the other material you've discovered on your treasure hunt and start picking out the pieces that catch your eye. Decide whether you want to be abstract or work around a theme.

The word collage comes from the French word "coller," meaning to glue. But as you know, it's much more than that. It's what you glue onto the background that makes the difference. So choose carefully but not at the expense of spontaneity [source: Grant].

When attaching recycled glass to your background, don't forget to use heavier glue or a hot glue gun to make sure it stays attached. And if you're working with broken pieces of glass, be sure to keep safety in mind. Wear gloves to protect your hands and once you've glued the glass to the background, you may want to outline the glass with clear caulk or colored puffy fabric paint to cover any sharp edges.

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