Top 10 Christmas Decorations Made with Recycled Materials


Miniature Sock Monkey

sock monkey
sock monkey

Regular-sized sock monkeys and animals make great gifts, but you can also make miniaturized versions to use as Christmas decorations. For miniature sock monkeys, you're going to need tiny socks. Specifically, you'll need toddler or baby socks.

Look for baby or toddler socks that are similar to traditional sock monkeys, but they don't need to have the red heel. You'll also need to find brown and red embroidery floss, stuffing and small, black buttons. For flair, look for small, red pom-poms.

Starting on the opening of the first sock, cut up the middle of the sock until you're roughly 1 inch from the heel. Round the edges of the "fee," or the area at the original sock opening that you just cut. Fill the head and body (the area from the toe to the heel) with stuffing. Then sew the edges of the legs halfway up from the toes and fill with stuffing. Keep sewing and stuffing until the monkey is full and stitch closed. Tie or stitch floss around the neck and ankle areas and pull tight to add shape.

Now, cut off the heel of the second sock leaving roughly a quarter inch (.635 cm) of the sock's main coloring intact -- this will be the puppet's mouth. Turn the sock on its side and find the middle. Then cut down the middle to the bottom of the toe to form the tail. The rest of the ankle portion can be cut into two pieces with rounded ends to create arms.

Sew together the edges of the arms and tail and then begin to stuff. After you finishing stuffing the limbs, sew them to the body. Sew the mouth to the face and stuff it as well. For finishing touches, use red floss to sew lips onto the mouth. You can also use the black buttons as eyes, and you can make eyelashes, eyebrows or other facial features using the brown floss.