Top 10 Christmas Decorations Made with Recycled Materials


Coffee Can Lid Wreath

Coffee beans in tin can isolated on white. Christmas wreath
Coffee beans in tin can isolated on white. Christmas wreath
iStockphoto/Melker Wickman/Kevin Russ/© 2009 HowStuffWorks

Coffee cans are made from aluminum or plastic, both of which can be easily recycled. The problem is the lids. Many recycling companies don't allow plastic lids or plastic bottle caps to be recycled because they're too small and can jam equipment during the recycling process. Instead of throwing them away, you can make them into tiny wreaths to hang around the house or on your Christmas tree.

Start by gathering some decorative materials, such as ribbons, yarn, cotton balls, sewing materials, buttons or stickers. You can also use pipe cleaners or any other small trinkets you have around the house.

Begin by cutting out the center of the coffee can lid. You'll want to think of the final product as a skinny donut. Once you have the base of the wreath ready, there are many decorating options:

  • Take cotton balls, pom-poms or buttons and glue them to the base.
  • Tie one end of the ribbon, yarn or chenille stem to the base and twist it around the wreath until you get back to the beginning.
  • Take extra sewing material and cut it into thin strips. Glue the end to the coffee can lid, and allow it to dry. Then continue to wrap the material around the lid, gluing as you go.

When you've finished the base of the wreath, you can tie a ribbon or string to the top to hang it, or you can place it directly on your tree.