Top 10 Christmas Decorations Made with Recycled Materials


Magazine Christmas Tree

If your household is anything like ours, the number of magazines you subscribe to exceeds your time to actually read them. Rather than letting these stacks of guilt gather dust, or even worse, end up in the recycling bin without having ever been read, how about using them for a fun a little crafty project? You can make a colorful little Christmas tree decoration from magazine pages.

The first step is to open your magazine and bend the spine to break it. Then turn to the first page. Take the top right corner and fold down inward until it meets the inside crease where the pages join. It will make a 45 degree angle. Then, take hold of the right side of the folded page and fold it again into the crease where the pages join. The result is a page that is folded into the shape of a man's tie. Take the bottom piece that sticks out over the edge of the magazine and fold it up so the edge is flush with the bottom of the magazine. Keep repeating this until you've gone through the entire magazine. Then remove the front cover and put it on display. Decorations and a tree topper are optional.