Top 10 Christmas Decorations Made with Recycled Materials


Recycled Christmas Card Banner

Insert your favorite cards here.
Insert your favorite cards here.

How many of you have a drawer full of Christmas cards from Christmases past? Don't feel sheepish -- it's hard to just throw away season's greetings from friends and loved ones. But leaving them sitting in a drawer just means they're taking up space. And honestly, how often do you actually look through them?

Why not turn them into a Christmas decoration that you can use every year? This is a super easy craft project that's great for the whole family to participate in. First, select your favorite card designs. Or would you rather display your favorite messages that were written inside the cards? You could even make it a combination of the two. Prefer a theme? Pick out all the snowman or Christmas tree cards. Or if you'd rather design by color, pluck out all the ones that are mostly red and green.

Next, decide how big you want your triangle to be (triangles will make up the banner) and make a pattern out of cardboard so that the pieces will match. Cut each triangle until you have enough to complete the size banner you're looking to make. Then choose a coordinating ribbon to string the cards together. Next, glue the card to a piece of cardstock and cut the cardstock slightly larger than the card so you have room to decorate. Before the glue dries, peel back the top of the cardstock and sandwich the ribbon in between the two pieces. Keep adding triangles, making sure to leave the same amount of space in between each one. Decorate with ribbons, buttons or any other fun crafty supplies you have hanging around. And then hang your banner on the wall, in a doorway or around your Christmas tree.