10 Uses for Empty Cereal Boxes


Cereal Box Village

If you have a little lady who loves her dollhouse, then this is the perfect project for her. You can use leftover cereal boxes to create an old-timey town square or Main Street, complete with all the businesses that the residents of a small town needs access to.

For this project, you'll need cereal boxes, scissors, your trusty glue stick, an Exacto knife if you want to make tricky cuts and whatever markers, pens and colored papers you want to use. And of course, your imagination.

Start by cutting the backs off the cereal boxes, so they're just three sides. It will end up like a fa├žade with the two sides to make sure it sits upright. You can leave the top intact or cut it off, depending if you want a flat roof or not. Cut out doors and windows with an Exacto knife, or draw them on with a sharpie or marker. Embellish the buildings with peaked roofs and staircases made from accordion folded box tops. Use pieces of the backs of cereal boxes to make signs for all the shops. Use more cardboard pieces to create the sidewalk and street outside.

Once the buildings are in place, then comes the fun part. You can decorate them any number of ways. Cover them in paper, color in all of the white parts with a marker, or get out your glitter pen and draw the window frames. The sky is the limit as to how you decorate your little town. Don't forget to add details that can be seen through the windows, like items on the shelves in stores, and rugs and furniture in homes.