10 Uses for Empty Cereal Boxes



If your home is like ours, it seems like you can never find a piece of paper or a notebook when you need one. This means you can never have too many notebooks at your disposal. Making a notepad out of scrap paper and cereal box covers is an easy and fun project for the family.

For this project, you'll need your cereal boxes, paper, decoupage, a wide, thin paintbrush, two large binder clips, two paint stir sticks and an Exacto knife or paper cutter. As far as paper selection goes, you can use index cards, an existing notepad, notebook paper or plain copier paper cut to the size you want your notebook to be.

Start by cutting your paper to size and then cut two cereal box covers, one for the front and one for the back. Sandwich the paper between the two covers, making sure it's nice and even. Place the top of the notebook between the two stir sticks and attach the binder clips on the left and right so that everything is held together. This will keep the pieces in place while you apply the binding glue.

Take off one binder clip and coat the notepad with decoupage, and then replace the clip. Do the same on the other side. You'll want to do three coats total, letting them dry completely in between. Once the final coat is dry, voila! You'll now have a notebook at your disposal. You can pop one in your purse, leave one by the phone or keep a stack in your desk for later. Make some extra to give as a creative and thoughtful gift.