10 Uses for Empty Cereal Boxes



Mosaic has been a popular art form for years. To make one usually means gluing small pieces of glass or tile to a surface, creating a colorful composition. But by no means are you limited to the usual materials when creating the look of mosaic. A selection of cut up cereal box pieces artfully arranged make a beautiful mosaic pattern. In this case, we'll be creating a frame.

You can either purchase an inexpensive frame -- remember, we'll be covering the surface with the mosaic -- or better yet, find one that you have laying around at home that hasn't been used in a while. It will be easiest to work with one that's made of unfinished wood and doesn't have any decorative ridges or markings. You'll also need your bottle of decoupage and a burnisher -- a rounded tool that will help push down the edges of your box piece -- which can be purchased at any craft or art supply store. You can also use the back of a spoon if you don't have a burnisher handy.

Now, simply start cutting small pieces in different sizes out of the different boxes. The more color variety, the more visually interesting your piece will be. Then, before you attach the pieces, lay them out arranging them so they fit together like a puzzle. For a true mosaic look, be sure to leave some space in between them so it looks like the grout area. Once it's time to attach them to the frame, simply use decoupage on the back and your burnisher or spoon to help create a firm adhesion. Next, apply three coats of decoupage over the finished product to seal it. Be sure to let each coat dry before applying the next.

You can use it as a picture frame, or put a mirror or chalkboard in it to hang on the wall.