Raid the Recycling Bin: 10 Recycled Crafts

Phonebook Christmas Tree

With the amount of information available on the Internet these days, you may have a hard time finding any use for the phone book dropped on your front porch once a year. Recycling it is a good idea, but so is turning it into a crafty Christmas decoration. All you need is some time and some green spray paint. And the good news is, this one will keep your kids busy for a while and it's incredibly simple.

Just sit your kids down with a phone book and have them fold the top corner of each page diagonally down to the spine. As you do this, you'll notice that the book will begin to take shape, and once each page has been folded down, its coned shape can stand upright on its own. Spray the book green and add a few small decorations and you have a crafty, handmade tabletop Christmas tree.