Raid the Recycling Bin: 10 Recycled Crafts

Bottle Cap Tambourine

This crafty project also makes use of those leftover bottle caps, and it involves getting out into Mother Nature as well. For this one, you'll need some acrylic paint and brushes, plenty of bottle caps, strong wire and assorted decorations. You'll also need a Y-shaped branch and the harder the wood, the better. From here it's pretty simple. Decorate your stick first, painting it in colors that please you, adding beads, feathers or sequins to your liking. Once the stick is nice and colorful, hammer the caps flat, punch a hole through the center of each one with a nail, and string them together between the Y, using the wire. Now your homemade tambourine is complete and all you'll need is a nice set of earplugs.

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