Traditional Treasures Quilt Design

By: Lucie Sinkler

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. The Traditional Treasures Quilt Design is great for thosewho would like variety and classic designs.

Traditional Treasures Quilt Blocks are timeless treasures -- blocks that have been stitched with love for hundreds of years. While new fabrics can give historical blocks a modern twist, they will still retain their old-time, special appeal.

Quilt all of the blocks together to make the traditional quilt design above. All of the quilt blocks described below are shown on the quilt design from left to right. Download the Traditional Treasures Quilt Design here for a closer look at the entire traditional treasures quilt design.


  • The Album Block Quilt Block works beautifully with just about any fabric choice. Have fun and experiment with this quilt block.
  • The London Square Quilt Block is a classic, versatile quilt block. Its simple design and clean lines allow for numerous creative choices.
  • The Log Cabin Quilt Block features a simple design with overlapping rows. This block is great for displaying a beautiful selection of pattern and color.
  • The Card Trick Quilt Block features four interlocking squares in a playful, geometric design that will make your quilt pop with color.
  • The Cross Quilt Block is a classic quilt block looks best with strongly contrasting colors, textures and patterns.
  • The Chinese Fan Quilt Block is a versatile, beautiful quilt block. Its graceful curves allow for many color and pattern choices.
  • The Palm Tree Quilt Block will bring tropical charm to your quilt with its tropical palm tree focal point.
  • The Rail Fence Quilt Block features clean, simple lines that allow for dozens of choices and the best of your creativity.

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ABOUT THE QUILT DESIGNER:Lucie Sinkler is a versatile designer who specializes in both quilted and knitted projects. Her designs have appeared in national magazines such as Vogue, Christmas Crafts, and Knitting Made Easy.