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Star Ways Quilt Pattern

How to Make Star Ways Quilt Pattern

Create an out-of-this-world appeal in your baby's room with this creative quilt pattern. Download a photo and the patterns for the Star Ways Quilt in this three-page PDF.

To make the Star Ways Quilt Pattern:

  1. From black background with colored dots, cut 24 X 351/2-inch rectangle. Fold along 351/2-inch line. Cut off 45 degree triangle from each corner, making hexagon. Fuse pieces of strip webbing to edges of hexagon. Remove paper. Cut four 7 X 42-inch strips.

  2. From royal blue, cut 28 X 42-inch piece. Cut 4 X 17-inch piece of webbing. Fuse to remaining blue. Trace pattern A 6 times and cut out. Remove paper. Cut four 23/4-inch squares.

  3. Cut and fuse two 10 X 17-inch pieces of webbing side by side to gold. Trim unbounded piece. Remove paper. Fold fabric in half where webbing meets. Cut four 2 X 34-inch strips of gold. Using 45 degree angle marking on ruler, cut and discard triangle from end of double-folded strip. Move ruler over 2 inches along same 45 degree angle marking, and cut 2 diamonds. Continue cutting for 40 diamonds.

  4. Fuse 8 X 17-inch piece of webbing to remaining gold. Place patterns face up and trace 6 of piece A, 4 each of piece B and C, and 2 of piece D. Cut out. Fuse 12 X 17-inch piece of webbing to green. Trace 6 of piece A and 4 of piece E. Cut out and remove all paper. Cut two 23/4-inch strips into four 23/4-inch squares.

  5. Fuse 12 X 17-inch piece of webbing to fuchsia. Trace 6 of piece A, 4 of piece E, and 2 of piece F. Cut out and remove paper. Cut two 2-inch strips, and follow Step 3 to cut 8 diamonds. Cut five 2 X 45-inch strips of binding from royal blue.

    Star Ways Quilt Pattern
    ©2007 Publications International, Ltd.
    Here are pieces D, E, and F of the quilt pattern.

  6. Center 8 gold diamonds on black print hexagon to form star. Pin and fuse. Alternate green and blue squares touching gold edges, and fuse. Using ruler to assure exact lines, place 8 fuchsia diamonds touching points of gold diamonds. Pin and fuse. Center black print hexagon on blue rectangle and pin. Fuse.

  7. Arrange 8 gold diamonds in each corner of blue background to make 4 stars. The inner points of stars almost touch black print hexagon, and outer points are about 1/4 inch from blue background edges. Pin and fuse.

  8. Place motifs on two 7 X 42-inch strips (follow photograph on PDF of Star Ways Quilt Pattern for placement). Each side panel contains 2 green circles, 1 fuchsia circle with gold ring, 1 fuchsia star with gold trail, and 1 small circle of each color. The green circles are 21/2 inches from ends, and other motifs are evenly spaced between. Pin and fuse.

  9. Stitch side panels to blue center. Press seams toward side panels. Trim remaining two 7 X 42-inch strips to exact width of center and sides. Place motifs in order on top and bottom panels. Moons are 11/2 inches from ends. Pin and fuse.

  10. Stitch top and bottom panels to center. Press seams toward panels. Place backing face down and center batting. Place quilt top face up over batting. Pin and hand baste.

  11. With sewing machine on medium zigzag stitch, use gold thread and zigzag around edge of each diamond, starting with center. Change thread to match motif and zigzag around each fused piece.

  12. Stitch together binding strips to make 1 long strip. Fold in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Stitch binding to quilt top, beginning in middle of 1 side and leaving 3 inches of binding free. End stitching 1/4 inch from each corner. Begin next side, and repeat for all sides and corners. End stitching about 6 inches before binding ends meet. Stitch ends of binding, trim excess, and finish stitching binding. Trim batting and backing. Miter corners, turn binding to back, and blind stitch in place. Remove basting.

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