Stained Glass Quilt Block

The Stained Glass Quilt Block is from th
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The Stained Glass Quilt Block is from the Traditional Treasures Quilt Design. This colorful quilt block features a beautiful, symmetrical design. Download the Stained Glass Quilt Block as a PDF to print out the pattern. You'll need to enlarge the quilt block at 125%.

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To make the Stained Glass Quilt Block:


A: Cut 4. B: Cut 12, and cut 4 from contrasting fabric. C: Cut 4, and cut 4 from contrasting fabric. D: Cut 1.

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. The Stained Glass Quilt Block works beautifully with contrasting colors.


To make corner square, stitch a B to each side of A (add only 1 contrast B to each A). Make 4. Stitch C to contrast C; make 4. Stitch a corner square to each side of CC, matching fabrics. Make 2. Stitch CC to D, and stitch CC to other side of D. Stitch rows together to complete block.

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. The focal point of the Stained Glass Quilt Block is a striking symmetrical design.

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Lucie Sinkler is a versatile designer who specializes in both quilted and knitted projects. Her designs have appeared in national magazines such as Vogue, Christmas Crafts, and Knitting Made Easy