School Days Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

School is just starting at this little red schoolhouse! Old-fashioned piecing techniques combine with appliqué in the School Days Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern to evoke the days of one-room schoolhouses. A perfect gift for your favorite teacher, the finished piece measures approximately 28 X 261/2 inches. Download a photo and the patterns for the School Days Quilted Wall Hanging in this four-page PDF.

School Days Quilted Wall Hanging
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The School Days Quilted Wall Hanging hearkens back to
the classic image of the one-room schoolhouse.

You'll Need:

  • 3/4 yard white-on-white print
  • 3/4 yard red print
  • 1/8 yard blue print
  • 1/8 yard dark green print
  • 7/8 yard backing fabric
  • 1/2 yard dark blue print
  • 30-inch square low-loft batting
  • 9mm bell
  • 8-inch piece jute
  • 1/2 yard fusible webbing
  • Transparent monofilament thread
  • Black thread

Appliqué fabrics:

  • 1/8 yard brown print for tree
  • 1/8 yard tan print for fence
  • 1/8 yard dark brown print for door and window frames
  • Scraps: green for grass and apple leaves; red, white, and blue for flag; black for flagpole; light brown for flagpole top; gold for leaves; brown for cat; cream for steps; white print for windows; red for apples; white for apple highlights

Learn how to put all of these materials together to make the quilted wall hanging on the next page .

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