Navajo Rug Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

The woven Navajo rug is a recognized symbol of fine Native American folk art. This easy, almost no-sew fabric version uses authentic Navajo motifs and colors to create a strong Southwest accent. Download a photo and the patterns for the Navajo Rug Quilted Wall Hanging in this three-page PDF.

Navajo Rug Quilted Wall Hanging
©2007 Publications International, Ltd.
The Navajo Rug Quilted Wall Hanging evokes
the rich past of the American Southwest.

You'll Need:

  • 5/8 yard dark brown tone-on-tone
  • 5/8 yard rust tone-on-tone
  • 3/4 yard honey print
  • 1/2 yard cream print
  • 1/4 yard gold print
  • 1/4 yard red print
  • 30 X 48-inch piece backing fabric
  • 30 X 48-inch piece low-loft polyester batting
  • 11/2 yards ultra-hold fusible webbing
  • 1 package ultra-hold fusible strip webbing, 1/4-inch roll

After you've gathered all the materials you need, find out how to make this unique wall hanging on the next page.

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How to Make Navajo Rug Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

Pay homage to Native American folk art with this stunning wall hanging. To get a closer look at the quilt and its patterns, download this three-page PDF of the Navajo Rug Quilted Wall Hanging.

To make the Navajo Rug Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern:

  1. From dark brown, cut six 4 X 20-inch strips and four 4-inch squares on straight grain of fabric.

  2. Download and cut out all pattern pieces. Cut 1/4 yard fusible webbing and iron to wrong side of remaining dark brown. Cut three 3/4 X 18-inch strips. Remove paper backing. From strips, cut thirty-six 3/4 X 11/2-inch pieces. Trace and cut 1 octagonal C piece, 16 diamond-shaped D pieces, one 31/2-inch square (cut diagonally in half twice to form 4 arrowheads), and two 1/4 X 33/4-inch strips for arrow shafts. Remove all paper backing.

  3. From each of rust, honey, and cream, cut two 101/2 X 201/2-inch rectangles. Cut each in half diagonally, forming 4 triangles.

  4. Cut 9 X 17-inch piece fusible webbing and iron to wrong side of remaining rust. Cut thirty-two 11/2-inch squares and six 11/2 X 3-inch rectangles. Remove paper backing.

  5. From remaining honey, cut six 1/2 X 27-inch binding strips. With right sides together, stitch 2 strips together to make 1/2 X 54-inch strip. Repeat to make another strip this size. Trim each long strip to 48 inches. Cut four 27-inch pieces and four 48-inch pieces from roll of fusible webbing and iron side by side to wrong side of fabric pieces. Remove paper backing.

  6. Cut 1/2 yard fusible webbing and iron to wrong side of remaining cream. Trace and cut 5 octagonal B pieces. Cut seventeen 1/4 X 17-inch strips. Remove paper backing. Cut six 1/4 X 31/4-inch pieces. Cut rest of strips into 1/4 X 13/4-inch pieces for a total of 150.

  7. Cut 1/4 yard fusible webbing and iron to wrong side of gold. Trace and cut out 18 E pieces. Turn over pattern piece and trace and cut out 18 reversed E pieces. Remove paper backing.

  8. Cut 1/4 yard fusible webbing and iron to wrong side of red. Trace and cut 5 piece A stars. Cut three 1/4 X 18-inch strips. From these, cut thirty-six 1/4 X 11/2-inch strips. Remove paper backing.

  9. On each honey triangle, draw a pencil line 27/8 inches from edge of long side. Cut off edge along line. Iron a piece of fusible webbing from roll to wrong side of cut edge and remove paper backing. Place smaller honey triangle on top of cream triangle with right sides up. Align triangles with right-angle corners together and pin. Fuse long edge of honey triangle to cream triangle. Repeat for all 4 honey triangles.

  10. With right sides together, pin and stitch each honey/cream triangle to a rust triangle along long side, forming 4 rectangles. Press seams open. Join 2 rectangles along long sides to form an inner cream triangle, and repeat for other 2 rectangles. Join these 2 sections so honey/cream sections form an inner kite shape. Press all seams open.

    Navajo Rug Quilted Wall Hanging
    ©2007 Publications International, Ltd.
    Step 10

  11. With right sides together, stitch 2 brown border strips together to make a long 4 X 391/2-inch strip. Repeat to make another long strip. Pin and stitch a long strip to each side of rust. Press seams to brown. Stitch brown square to each end of remaining 2 brown strips. Press seams to squares. Pin and stitch these strips to top and bottom of rust. Press seams toward top and bottom strips.

  12. Center brown octagon and pin. Center cream octagon over it and red star on top. Fuse to honey background. For all fusing, refer to finished quilt illustration for placement.

    Navajo Rug Quilted Wall Hanging
    ©2007 Publications International, Ltd.
    Navajo Rug Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

  13. Center 2 arrow shafts over vertical seams, touching but not overlapping brown octagon, and fuse. Place arrowhead at end of each shaft pointing out and fuse. Center remaining arrowheads on cream background in the same direction 61/2 inches from brown edges and 1/2 inch from rust seams.

  14. Starting at top and bottom points of honey background, pin two 3/4 X 11/2-inch brown pieces side by side. Upper inside points should be on line between honey and cream, and bottom points should be on center seam and honey/cream line. Pin on remaining brown pieces with lower inner points and upper outer points on honey/cream line just touching each other. Brown pieces at center horizontal line will form 3/4 X 3-inch rectangle. When all pieces are perfectly aligned, fuse.

    Navajo Rug Quilted Wall Hanging
    ©2007 Publications International, Ltd.
    Step 14

  15. Fuse a 1/4 X 11/2-inch red piece on top of each brown piece, exactly covering outer edge. Fuse gold figures into place.

  16. Place cream octagon at each corner 51/2 inches from side, top, and bottom edges. Fuse. Center and fuse red star on top of each octagon.

  17. In each quadrant, place a pin 61/4 inches from side and 12 inches from top and bottom. This is center point of 4-pointed diamond stars. Place brown diamonds with points at pin. Fuse onto rust background.

  18. Center and pin 11/2 X 3-inch rust rectangle at midpoint of each side seam with long side on rust/brown seam. Place remaining rectangles at corners. Place 11/2-inch squares spaced 11/2 inches apart on seamline around entire brown border. When perfectly aligned, fuse.
  19. Center 1/4 X 31/4-inch cream pieces over long edge of rust rectangles and fuse in place. Starting at a short side of one rectangle, center each 1/4 X 13/4-inch cream piece over outer edge of a rust square and fuse. Center every fourth piece over rust/ brown seam. Continue until design is complete.
  20. Layer front, batting, and back; baste. Fold 27-inch honey binding strip in half lengthwise with wrong sides together. Encase top edge of quilt. Fuse binding to top edge, fusing first from front, then from back. Repeat for bottom edge. Repeat for sides, using 48-inch honey pieces. Trim ends even with top and bottom. If desired, layers may be yarn tied at regular intervals to provide additional stability.

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