Lucky Ducky Quilt Pattern

How to Make Lucky Ducky Quilt Pattern

Looking for a unique baby quilt to decorate your baby's nursery? You're in luck! Download a photo and the patterns for the Lucky Ducky Quilt in this two-page PDF.

To make the Lucky Ducky Quilt Pattern:

  1. Use cotton-covered polyester thread for general sewing. When appliquéing, use cotton-covered polyester thread in bobbin and matching rayon thread in top of sewing machine. Cut twelve 61/2-inch squares of white broadcloth. Cut three 11/2 X 61/2-inch strips from each: green, orange, royal blue, and red. Cut six 11/2 X 71/2-inch strips from each: green, orange, royal blue, and red. Cut three 11/2 X 81/2-inch strips from each: green, orange, royal blue, and red.
  2. Sew strips to blocks as shown in diagram below. Press seams toward border. Sew blocks together to form center of quilt. Press seams open. Cut two 11/2 X 241/2-inch strips and two 11/2 X 34-inch strips of yellow broadcloth. Sew strips on as shown in photo of Lucky Ducky Quilt using spark gold thread. Press seams open. Cut two 41/2 X 261/2-inch strips and two 41/2 X 34-inch strips of multicolor checked fabric. Cut four 41/2-inch white broadcloth squares for corners. ©2007 Publications International, Ltd.Use this diagram to help you piece together the quilt blocks.
  3. Sew white squares to ends of short strips. Press seams toward checked fabric. Sew long strips to each side of quilt. Press seams toward checked border. Sew strips with corner squares to top and bottom of quilt top. Press seams toward check fabric.
  4. Download Lucky Ducky Quilt pattern pieces, and trace them on template plastic; cut out. Cut following amounts of fabric and corresponding pieces of fusible webbing: 131/2 X 171/2-inch piece yellow broadcloth (from 1/3 yard); 2 X 6-inch piece orange broadcloth; 2 X 8-inch piece from each: red, royal blue, and green; and 4 X 4-inch piece from each: red, royal blue, green, and orange. Fuse webbing to corresponding material.
  5. Cut 12 ducks from fused yellow fabric, 12 duck bills from 2 X 6-inch piece of fused orange fabric, 4 small hearts from each of three 2 X 8-inch fused colors, and 1 large heart from each of four 4 X 4-inch fused colors of fabric. Remove paper.
  6. Fuse duck body in center of each white square (leave head unfused until placing bill). Fuse duck bill and heart on each duck. See photograph on PDF of Lucky Ducky Quilt for small heart color of each duck. Machine appliqué duck bill with tango threads, duck with spark gold threads, and hearts with corresponding threads.
  7. Cut 36 X 44-inch piece of white broadcloth for quilt back. Center batting on top. Center quilt face up on batting. Pin together and hand baste. With white cotton-covered polyester thread in bobbin and nylon thread in top of sewing machine, machine quilt in the ditch in all seams of quilt. Topstitch around quilt top 1/8 inch from raw edge. Trim batting and broadcloth.
  8. Sew bias tape around quilt top for binding. Miter comers and overlap ends. Turn bias tape to back of quilt. Hand stitch in place. Remove basting.
  9. Use water soluble pen to draw an eye on each duck. Use 2 strands of black floss to sew satin stitch for each eye. Cut four 6-inch pieces from each of 3 ribbon colors. Tie each piece in a bow. Sew blue bow to duck with red wing, green bow to duck with blue wing, and red bow to duck with green wing at X.

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