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Lily Bud Quilt Pattern

How to Make Lily Bud Quilt Pattern

This lovely crib quilt would be a beautiful addition to baby's room. And because the design is so classic, it's sure to go with any decor you choose. To get a closer look at the quilt and its patterns, download this PDF of the Lily Bud Quilt Pattern.

To make the Lily Bud Quilt Pattern:

  1. From white-on-cream, cut 21 X 36-inch rectangle and four 6 X 45-inch strips. Cut 2 strips to 6 X 40 inches and 2 strips to 6 X 353/4 inches. From light green, cut two 11-inch squares; cut on the diagonal, forming 4 triangles.

  2. Fuse 7 X 13-inch piece of webbing to plaid. Remove paper. Cut two 6-inch squares, and cut each on both diagonals, forming 8 triangles (discard 2).

  3. From peach calico, cut nine 21/2 X 45-inch strips. Cut 1 strip into two 21-inch pieces and 2 strips into 36-inch pieces. Cut 2 strips into 353/4-inch pieces and 4 strips into 243/4-inch pieces for outer border. Fuse four 2 X 17-inch pieces of webbing to 4 pieces of peach calico remaining from outer border. Remove paper and cut into four 11/2 X 17-inch strips.

  4. Line up strips, 1 on top of the other, 2 right sides up and 2 right sides down. Place on horizontal line of cutting board. Place 45 degree line of ruler on same line and cut. Keeping same angle, move over 21/8 inches and cut. Cut 12 parallelograms.

  5. From dark peach, cut two 2 X 45-inch strips and two 21/2 X 45-inch strips. From 1 of the 21/2-inch strips, cut ten 21/2-inch squares. Cut 21/2 X 15-inch piece from remainder. Cut other 21/2-inch strip into three 15-inch pieces. Fuse 21/2 X 15-inch piece of webbing to each of four 15-inch strips. Remove paper and cut each strip to 21/8 X 15 inches. Line up strips, 1 on top of the other, and place on horizontal line of cutting board. Straighten edges. Cut at 21/8-inch marking. Cut 20 squares.

  6. From two 2 X 45-inch strips of dark peach, cut four 2 X 17-inch pieces. Cut four 2 X 17-inch pieces of webbing and fuse to dark peach pieces. Remove paper and cut each piece to 11/2 X 17 inches. Follow Step 4 and cut 12 parallelograms.

  7. From dark green, cut four 2 X 45-inch strips. From webbing, cut ten 2 X 17-inch strips. Trim 8 webbing strips to 2 X 15 inches. Fuse two 2 X 17-inch pieces of webbing side by side to dark green strip. Download leaf pattern pieces, and trace 4 large leaves and 16 small leaves on dark green. Cut out and remove paper.

    Lily Bud Quilt Pattern
    ©2007 Publications International, Ltd.
    Lily Bud Leaf Patterns

  8. Cut each of 3 remaining dark green strips into three 2 X 15-inch pieces. Fuse 2 X 15-inch piece of webbing to 8 dark green pieces. Remove paper and cut each of 8 strips to 11/2 X 15 inches. Take 4 strips at a time and follow Step 4, making 1-inch parallelograms. Make 40.

  9. From both the bias tape and strip webbing, cut 2 pieces 111/4 inches long and 1 piece 23 inches long. Fuse webbing to tape and remove paper.

  10. Fuse strip webbing to long edge of each light green triangle. Remove paper. Place light green triangles on top of white-on-cream center rectangle at corners, match edges, and pin. Triangles will overlap slightly. Fuse triangles and hand baste layers together at edges.

  11. Arrange 12 dark peach parallelograms (see photograph on PDF of Lily Bud Quilt Pattern). Points are 1/4 inch from side edges and just touch green triangles. Fuse. Place peach calico pieces to bottom sides of dark peach and fuse. Outer pieces touch light green triangles.

  12. Using ruler, fuse long piece of bias tape between top and bottom flowers. Fuse 2 shorter pieces of bias tape on straight line between side flowers. Center plaid triangles over bias tape and line them up with rest of flower sections. Fuse. Place 4 large green leaves on a diagonal line and fuse to center.

  13. Pin and stitch 21/2 X 36-inch peach calico strip to each side of center section. Press seams toward calico.

  14. Stitch dark peach square (unfused) to both ends of 21-inch peach calico strips. Press seams toward squares. Matching seams of corner squares to side seams, pin and stitch to top and bottom.

  15. With 6 X 40-inch strip of white-on-cream, line up 6 buds and 12 leaves on each strip (see photograph on PDF of Lily Bud Quilt Pattern). Fuse pieces 11/2 inches from each side and each end, leaving 2-inch space in the middle. Repeat. Pin and stitch strips to sides. With 6 X 353/4-inch strip of white-on-cream, center 4 buds and 8 leaves 11/2 inches from top and bottom of each strip. Fuse. Center small green leaves facing diagonally in 53/4-inch area on strip end and fuse. Repeat with remaining 3 leaf sections. Pin and stitch strips to top and bottom.

  16. Stitch two 243/4-inch peach calico strips on either side of dark peach square for outer border. Press seams toward squares. Pin and stitch long strips to each side of quilt and press seams toward peach calico.

  17. Stitch dark peach square to each end of two 353/4-inch peach calico strips. Press seams toward squares. Matching side seams with square seams, pin and stitch last strips to top and bottom of quilt. Press seams toward peach calico strips.

  18. Place backing facedown and center batting. Place quilt top face up over batting. Pin and hand baste. Starting at center and using dark green thread, straight stitch bias tape stems on both edges of bias tape. Backstitch at beginning and end of each line of stitching. Change to medium zigzag stitch, and zigzag 4 dark green large leaf edges and long sides of corner triangles.

  19. Using peach thread, zigzag stitch around all dark peach and peach calico parallelograms and plaid triangles in center section. Straight stitch around peach calico inner borders and squares. Zigzag dark peach buds around outside. With dark green thread, zigzag around bud leaves and corner diagonal leaf sections.

  20. For binding, cut five 2 X 45-inch strips. Stitch together strips to make 1 long strip. Fold in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Stitch binding to quilt top, beginning in middle of 1 side and leaving 3 inches of binding free. End stitching 1/4 inch from each corner. Begin next side, and repeat for all sides and corners. End stitching about 6 inches before binding ends meet. Stitch ends of binding, trim excess, and finish stitching binding. Trim batting and backing. Miter corners, turn binding to back, and blind stitch in place. Remove basting.

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