Lily Bud Quilt Pattern

You can grow some beautiful memories by creating the Lily Bud Quilt. Let your talents really blossom with this elegant design. The finished piece measures approximately 391/4 X 541/2 inches. Download a photo and the patterns for the Lily Bud Quilt in this PDF.

Lily Bud Quilt Pattern
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The Lily Bud Quilt Pattern can add a garden elegance to a room.

You'll Need:

  • 13/8 yards white-on-cream fabric
  • 3/8 yard light green calico
  • 1/4 yard peach/green plaid
  • 3/4 yard peach calico
  • 3/8 yard dark peach
  • 1/4 yard dark green
  • 13/4 yards backing fabric
  • 3/8 yard binding fabric
  • 11/2 yards light fusible webbing
  • 1 package light fusible strip webbing, 3/8-inch roll
  • 1 package low-loft polyester batting, 45 X 60 inches
  • Thread: peach, dark green
  • 1 package sea foam green single-fold bias tape
  • Quilt ruler
  • Rotary cutter, self-healing mat

Gather these materials before moving onto the next page, where you'll find instructions on how to make the crib quilt.

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