Keepsake Quilted Pillow Pattern

Treasured bits of antique lace, crochet doilies, eyelet, or cutwork can be preserved and beautifully displayed in this Keepsake Quilted Pillow. Easy to make, the finished piece measures approximately 16 inches square.

Keepsake Quilted Pillow
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Your treasured fabrics can be on permanent display
with the Keepsake Quilted Pillow.

You'll Need:

  • 1 yard rose medium-weight fabric such as silk, moiré, or antique satin
  • 9 squares lace or doilies, 4 X 4 inches
  • 1 yard fusible tricot interlining
  • 2/3 yard lightweight fusible webbing
  • Matching or monofilament sewing thread
  • 16-inch polyester fiberfill pillow form

Gather the materials listed above, then check out the next page to learn how to make this classic pillow.

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How to Make Keepsake Quilted Pillow Pattern

This unique windowpane pillow is a quick and easy project that's sure to become a beloved heirloom. Make more than one for everyone in the family!

To make the Keepsake Quilted Pillow Pattern:

  1. Iron fusible tricot to back of medium-weight fabric. Iron fusible webbing to back of lace squares. Remove paper backing.

  2. From medium-weight fabric, on straight of grain, cut six 2 X 4-inch strips, two 2 X 131/2-inch strips, two 21/2 X 131/2-inch strips, two 21/2 X 18-inch strips, nine 4-inch squares, and two 13 X 18-inch rectangles.

  3. Fuse lace squares to fabric squares. Arrange in pleasing pattern of 3 squares by 3 squares.

    Keepsake Quilted Pillow
    ©2007 Publications International, Ltd.
    Keepsake Quilted Pillow Pattern

  4. Stitch together 3 rows of 3 lace squares each, with 2 X 4-inch fabric strips between squares. Join rows together with 2 X 131/2-inch strips between rows, carefully maintaining alignment of squares and strips. Stitch 21/2 X 131/2-inch strips to either side of pillow top. Stitch 21/2 X 18-inch border strips to top and bottom.

  5. Fold 1 long edge of one 13 X 18-inch rectangle over 1/4 inch and press. Fold over 1/4 inch again and stitch along folded edge. Repeat for other 13 X 18-inch rectangle. Lay rectangles on a flat surface, overlapping finished edges to create 18-inch square for pillow back. Stay-stitch along overlapped edges.

  6. Pin pillow top to back with right sides together. Mark centers of each side 1/2 inch from edge. Mark corners 1 inch from edge. Draw lines connecting centers and corners. This will counteract the tendency toward "rabbit ear" corners. Stitch along drawn lines around all 4 sides. Remove stay-stitching from pillow back, trim corners diagonally, and turn. Insert pillow form.

    Keepsake Quilted Pillow Pattern
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    Step 6

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