Judy in Arabia Quilt Block

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You'll be amazed at the various visual layers of the Judy in Arabia quilt block. It's truly a stunning design that belongs on any and all quilting projects! The quilt block is party of the Hearts, Bars & Shooting Stars quilt design. Download the Judy in Arabia quilt block as a PDF to print out the pattern. You'll need to enlarge the quilt block at 125%.

To make the Judy in Arabia quilt block:



A: Cut 4, and cut 4 from contrasting fabric. B: Cut 4. C: Cut 4, and cut 4 from reverse pattern. D: Cut 2, and cut 2 from contrasting fabric.

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. Here's one fabric option for the quilt block.



Stitch A to contrast A; make 4. Stitch long side of C to B, then stitch reverse C to other long side of B. Make 4. Stitch D to contrast D; make 2. Stitch DD to DD to make center square, matching unlike fabrics. Stitch AA to CBC, then stitch AA to other side of CBC. (Main A's are outside corners.) Make 2. Stitch CBC to center square, with C points directed away from center. Stitch CBC to other side of center square, again directing C points away from center square. Stitch rows together to complete block.

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. Here's another fabric variation.

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