Quilting Techniques

Quilting techniques vary depending on the project and the pattern. Decide which ones to use with these articles.

Our Easy Quilt Patterns are great for beginners or anyone who wants a fun and simpleQuilting project. Pick your favorite among quilt patterns for wall hangings, place mats, and even a quilted evening purse.

Borders are the frame around your carefully crafted quilt blocks. Learn all about adding borders to your latestQuilting project in this helpful article. You'll find tips on corners, seams, and more.

Hand quilters can create a quilt with a beautiful, classic appearance that cannot be duplicated. Check out this helpful article to learn the handQuilting technique and the tools you'll need.

MachineQuilting doesn't have the same folksy reputation asQuilting by hand, but it can make for a more visually dramatic quilt. And of course, it's much quicker to complete.

The diamond shaped pattern of the Windblown Puzzle quilt block is made of pieces quilted together for maximum contrast. Make this quilt block by downloading the pattern and easy-to-follow instructions from this article.