Garden of Delights Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

How to Finish Quilt

The following steps will help you finish the quilt, including piecing together the blocks and adding batting and backing. To get a closer look at the quilt and its patterns, download this five-page PDF of the Garden of Delights Quilted Wall Hanging.

Garden of Delights Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern
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Garden of Delights Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

To finish the quilt:

  1. Referring to finished quilt illustration above, stitch all blocks together.

  2. Fuse flowers and centers in block 6, covering raw edges of stems. Flower on left should overlap seam. Blanket stitch around edges with matching rayon machine embroidery thread.

  3. Cut two 1 X 45-inch strips from brown print for inner border. Measure quilt vertically through center and cut 1 strip this length from each 45-inch strip. Stitch to sides of quilt. Measure quilt horizontally through center and cut remaining strips to this length. Stitch to top and bottom of quilt. Press.

  4. Cut three 21/2 X 45-inch strips from light brown print for outer border. Stitch 1 strip to each side. Cut remaining strip in half and stitch to top and bottom. Press.

  5. Layer quilt front, batting, and back; baste. With white thread, machine quilt in ditches between blocks and around borders and outline quilt around shapes. Use black thread to quilt around ladybugs and to quilt lines defining ladybug wings and heads. Sew beads to cardinal faces for eyes. Sew yellow buttons to block 3 flower centers.

  6. Cut three 21/2 X 45-inch dark brown strips for binding. See How to Quilt to stitch binding to quilt.
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