Down-Home Veggies Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

How to Make Carrot

This sharp design would look great on its own or with the rest of the Down-Home Veggies. To get a closer look at the quilt and its patterns, download this three-page PDF of the Down-Home Veggies Quilted Wall Hangings.

To make the carrot:

  1. From tan print, cut one 13/4 X 44-inch strip and one 51/2 X 21/4-inch rectangle. Cut strip into two 13/4 X 11/2-inch rectangles, four 13/4 X 43/4-inch strips, two 1-inch squares, and one 1 X 51/2-inch strip. From orange, cut one 13/4 X 22-inch strip. Cut strip into two 13/4 X 43/4-inch pieces and one 3 X 11/2-inch piece. From green and cream, cut one 3/4 X 44-inch strip.

  2. Using template-free angle piecing technique, stitch two 1-inch tan squares to upper corners of 3 X 11/2-inch orange piece. Stitch one 13/4 X 11/2-inch tan piece to each side of unit.

  3. Make 1 right and 1 left bias rectangle using 13/4 X 43/4-inch tan and orange pieces. Stitch together with orange on the inside, and add one 13/4 X 43/4-inch tan piece to each side of unit. Stitch 51/2 X 1-inch tan strip to bottom. Stitch upper and lower parts of carrot together.

    Down-Home Veggies Quilted Wall Hanging
    ©2007 Publications International, Ltd.
    Step 3

  4. For carrot top, cut green strip into 4- , 5- , and 6-inch lengths. Fray edges. Gather random lengths together with ends even and twist ends together. You don't have to use all carrot top pieces.

  5. Lay twisted ends of carrot tops at top of carrot unit in center of carrot. Stitch 51/2 X 21/4-inch tan piece to top of carrot, including carrot top in seam. Flip up carrot top pieces and hand stitch to quilt about 1 inch above orange. Carrot top will extend over borders.

    Down-Home Veggies Quilted Wall Hanging
    ©2007 Publications International, Ltd.
    Step 5

  6. Add borders, following General Directions for Borders. Layer quilt front, batting, and back; baste. With white thread, hand quilt in ditches around center block and between inner and outer borders. Hand quilt curved lines in carrot and grid pattern in background. See How to Quilt to stitch binding to quilt.

Last but not least, the radish wall hanging is a delicious design. Learn more about it in the next section.

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