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Down-Home Veggies Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

General Directions

Use the following general tips on borders, leaves, and tops when making any one -- or all four -- of the wall hangings. To get a closer look at the quilt and its patterns, download this three-page PDF of the Down-Home Veggies Quilted Wall Hangings.

General Directions for Borders

Follow these general directions to make borders for Down-Home Veggies quilts. Each border strip is cut from a different fabric. All corner squares for one quilt are the same color.

  1. Cut two 11/4 X 8-inch strips (inner sides); two 11/4 X 51/2-inch strips (inner top and bottom); two 11/4 X 91/2-inch strips (outer sides); two 11/4 X 7-inch strips (outer top and bottom); and eight 11/4-inch squares. For binding cut one 21/2 X 44-inch strip. Cut this strip into two 21/2 X 11-inch strips for sides and two 21/2 X 91/2-inch strips for top and bottom.

  2. Stitch one corner square to each end of top and bottom strips (11/4 X 51/2 inches and 11/4 X 7 inches).

  3. To finished vegetable block, stitch 11/4 X 8-inch side strips, then 11/4 X 51/2-inch top and bottom strips (with corner squares). Add 11/4 X 91/2-inch outer side strips, then 11/4 X 7-inch outer top and bottom strips with corner squares.

  4. Sew buttons on each corner square with jute. Knot jute on top side.

  5. Quilt as desired. Our quilts are hand quilted. To save time or create a slightly different look, you can machine quilt designs.

  6. See How to Quilt to stitch binding to quilt.

Directions for Leaves and Tops

  1. For each leaf or top, download pattern piece and cut out. Trace pattern on wrong side of fabric and cut out. Turn pattern over, trace, and cut out reversed shape. Each pattern has a line showing where to cut a slit for turning. Cut a slit in one piece only.

  2. With right sides together, stitch matching leaf and top pieces together. Use 1/8-inch seam allowance and smaller stitches. When sewing points, it's easier to turn and get a smooth point if you stitch 1 stitch across the point. Trim all points and clip into corners.

  3. Turn through slit opening on back (it's not necessary to close opening, since it will be on back side). Press. If desired, use white thread to hand stitch lines to represent leaf veins.

  4. With slit to back, hand stitch tops and leaves to vegetable blocks, using dark green thread.

Now you're ready to start in on each veggie quilt. Let's start with the eggplant wall hanging in the next section.

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