Dashing Dragons Quilt Pattern

How to Make Dashing Dragons Quilt Pattern

This is one dragon you'll love to get close to! Download a photo and the patterns for the Dashing Dragons Quilt in this six-page PDF.

To make the Dashing Dragons Quilt Pattern:

  1. When cutting, be sure grain lines on pattern line up to straight grain of fabric; seam allowances are included in patterns. From white, cut 96 of piece A, 12 of piece B (6 face up, 6 face down), 12 of piece D, 12 of piece E, and 12 of piece F. From bright green, cut 108 of piece A, 12 of piece I (6 face up, 6 face down), and 36 of piece G. From dark green, cut 12 of piece K (6 face up, 6 face down), 12 of piece H, and 12 of piece J (6 face up, 6 face down). From red/orange, cut 12 of piece C (6 face up, 6 face down). From dinosaur fabric, cut 9 strips 21/2 X 121/4 inches and 8 strips 21/2 X 45 inches. From multicolor, cut 6 strips 3 X 45 inches and 6 strips 31/4 X 45 inches.
  2. Pin long sides of green A to white A and sew. Press seams toward green. Make 96. Sew 8 units together with green triangles in lower left corner. Make 6. Repeat, placing green triangles in lower right corner. Make 6.
  3. Pin and sew green A to shortest side of piece K. Press seams toward A. Make 12 (6 right, 6 left facing). Pin and sew piece B to unit AK. Press seams toward K. Make 12 (6 right, 6 left facing).
  4. Pin and sew piece J to piece C. Press seams toward piece J. Make 12 (6 right, 6 left facing). Pin and sew piece D below JC. Make 12. Pin and sew piece G to piece E. Make 12 (6 Es on right, 6 on left). Press seams toward G. Sew 12 piece Gs to 12 Fs. Make 12 (6 Fs on right, 6 on left). Press seams toward G.
  5. Pin and sew unit GE below unit JCD. Make 12. Sew unit GF below JCDGE. Make 12. Sew remaining Gs below piece F. Make 12. Pin and sew piece I to G side of unit. Press seams toward I. Make 12 (6 Is on lower right, 6 on lower left). Sew piece H to rectangle. Make 12 (6 Hs on right, 6 on left).
  6. Sew unit AKB to top edge of rectangle. Make 12 (6 AKBs facing right, 6 facing left). Sew AA strips to edge of each block. Make 12 (6 AA strips on right, 6 on left). ©2007 Publications International, Ltd.This will help you piece each dragon block together.
  7. Iron webbing onto white fabric. Trace penny 12 times and cut out. Remove paper and put eyes on piece K and fuse. Using black fabric marker, color pupils (right on right facing dragons, left on left facing). Machine appliqué eyes using close zigzag stitch with matching thread.
  8. Lay out blocks in rows of 3 (see photograph on PDF of Dashing Dragons Quilt Pattern). Sew 121/4-inch strip of dinosaur fabric to top of each of 9 blocks in last 3 rows. Press seams toward strips. Sew blocks together in 3 vertical rows of 4 blocks each. (Top block in each row will not have strip of dinosaur fabric.)
  9. Sew together 45-inch strips of dinosaur fabric to create 1 very long strip. Measure length of 4-block row and cut 4 strips to make vertical sashes. Sew strip to left edge of each 4-block row, and sew remaining strip to right edge of the far right row. Sew rows together. Measure width of quilt top and cut 2 more strips for horizontal sashes. Pin and sew top and bottom sashes.
  10. Measure quilt from center top down to bottom edge. This is the measurement for borders of 2 longest sides. Sew six 3 X 45-inch strips of multicolor fabric together end to end. Press seams in 1 direction. Cut 2 strips to measurement. Pin and sew strips to long edges. Press seams toward border.
  11. Measure from center of each long edge across to opposite edge. This is the measurement for top and bottom borders. Cut 2 strips from remaining multicolor fabric strip. Pin and sew to quilt. Press seams toward border.
  12. Fold backing fabric in half, selvages together, and cut along fold. Right sides and selvages together, sew 2 pieces with 1/2-inch seam. Lay backing face down. Center batting and trim. Center quilt face up. Hand baste or safety-pin layers together.
  13. Sew 31/4-inch strips of multicolor fabric together end to end to make long strip. Measure your quilt as you did in Steps 10 and 11. Sew binding to quilt. Remove basting.
  14. Quilt around outline of dragons, 1/4 inch from edges. Quilt lines marked on diagram in pieces H and I. To quilt sashes and borders, draw half-square triangles in chalk on sashes to cover borders and outer sashes.

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