Country Pumpkin Patch Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern

How to Make Small Quilt

This adorable wall hanging offers a warm fall feel without taking too much room on your wall. The finished piece measures approximately 16 X 141/2 inches. To get a closer look at the quilt and its patterns, download this three-page PDF of the Country Pumpkin Patch Quilted Wall Hangings.

To make the small quilt:
  1. From tan print, cut twelve 1-inch squares, three 2 X 1-inch rectangles, one 12 X 1-inch strip, one 5 X 1-inch strip, two 4 X 5-inch rectangles, one 121/2 X 2-inch strip, two 1 X 41/2-inch rectangles, and one 2 X 41/2-inch rectangle. From orange print, cut six 2 X 41/2-inch rectangles, three 2 X 4-inch rectangles, and six 1-inch squares. From orange and dark brown prints for checkerboard, cut two 1 X 44-inch strips of each. From medium brown, cut two 2 X 12-inch strips, two 2 X 151/2-inch strips, and two 21/2 X 44-inch strips.

  2. Using template-free angle piecing technique, stitch 1-inch tan squares to corners of 2 X 41/2-inch orange pieces. Make 3 right sides and 3 left sides. Stitch two 1-inch orange squares to each 2 X 1-inch tan piece. Make 3 units. Assemble pumpkin blocks. Each pumpkin will measure 5 X 41/2 inches.

  3. Following directions for large quilt checkerboard, assemble checkerboard borders but make 2 rows of 23 squares beginning and ending with light and 2 rows of 21 squares beginning and ending with dark.

  4. Stitch 5 X 1-inch tan strip to top of one pumpkin. Add 4 X 5-inch tan rectangles to each side. Stitch 12 X 1-inch tan strip to top of unit. Join remaining two pumpkins with 2 X 41/2-inch tan piece between them. Stitch 1 X 41/2-inch tan pieces to each side and 121/2 X 2-inch tan strip to top of unit. Join two-pumpkin unit with single-pumpkin unit.

  5. Stitch small checkerboard borders to each side. Press toward quilt. Stitch long checkerboard borders to top and bottom of quilt. Press toward quilt. Stitch 2 X 12-inch medium brown strips to sides of quilt. Stitch 2 X 151/2-inch medium brown strips to top and bottom.

  6. Download and cut out pattern pieces. Iron fusible webbing onto back of green fabric. Trace 8 small stars and 1 large star onto paper side of fusible webbing and cut out. Remove paper backing. Arrange on quilt as shown in finished quilt illustration below and fuse.

    Country Pumpkin Patch Quilted Wall Hanging
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    Country Pumpkin Patch Quilted Wall Hanging

  7. Layer front, batting, and back; baste. Using white thread, hand quilt around appliqué stars. Hand quilt curved lines in pumpkins, star shapes in border, and in ditches around checkerboard border. Using green thread, hand quilt shapes in background. To save time or create a different look, you may also machine quilt. Use remaining medium brown strips for binding. See How to Quilt to stitch binding to quilt.

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