Chained Medley Quilt Pattern

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. The Chained Medley Quilt Pattern makes an elegant quilt.

The Chained Medley Quilt Pattern makes a graceful, elegant 48 x 59 quilt. The quilt pattern features the Chain (Variation) Quilt Block alternated with squares of solid color fabric. Download the two-page Chained Medley Quilt Pattern as a PDF to print out the pattern. You'll need to enlarge the quilt block to 125%.

To make the Chained Medley Quilt Pattern:


Make 18 blocks, and cut 17 fabric squares. Stitch them together as shown. Add bars and blocks border (see Quilt Borders). Finished size is about 48 x 59 inches.

To make the the Chain (Variation) Quilt Block:

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. The Chain (Variation) Quilt Block


A: Cut 4. B: Cut 4. C: Cut 4. D: Cut 1.

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. A solid color foreground is a lovely choice for the Chain (Variation) Quilt Block.


Stitch A to B; stitch A to other side of B. Make 2. Stitch a C to each side of D to make center square. Stitch B to center square; stitch B to other side of center square. Stitch rows together to complete block.

©2007 Publications International, Ltd. The focal point of the Chain (Variation) Quilt Block is a chain of square shapes.

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