Wedding Quilt Blocks

Wedding quilt blocks are a popular choice for crafters. Learn how to make a quilt for a wedding with these patterns.

The Heart Can quilt block is a lovely depiction of fresh flowers casually placed in an old-fashioned coffeepot. Learn to make this quilt block and download the pattern for it from this article.

Make this romantic Double Heart quilt block for a Valentine's Day project or to add a loving touch to anyQuilting project. Go to this article to download the pattern and view the online instructions.

The intricate bars on the True Lover's Knot quilt block is a great example of the love that binds people together. Learn how to make the quilt block on this page.

The Pride of the Bride quilt block works well with both traditional and contemporary designs. Just change the fabrics to achieve the look you want. Download the free quilt block here.

The Heart's Delight quilt block is sure to warm your heart -- especially when you see the finished product on your latestQuilting project. Download the free quilt block on this page.

The Borrow and Return quilt block uses contrasting fabrics and a reverse pattern to create a unique and beautiful design. Find helpful instructions and download the free quilt block on this page.

Make Cupid's Own quilt block your own by incorporating it in your latestQuilting project. You'll find everything you need to get started on this page, including a free quilt block download.

Enjoy the combination of geometry and romance in the Attic Window quilt block, featuring triangles surrounding a heart. Download the pattern and use the instructions to make this charming and versatile quilt block.

The Sweet Clover quilt block features heart cutouts appliqu'd in a round to create a four-leaf clover. How sweet! Find out how to make the block and download the free quilt block on this page.

Looking for a unique way to include the ever-popular heart shape on your quilt? Then the charming Emily's Heart quilt block is a good choice for you. Download the free quilt block here.