Quick & Easy Crafts

Quick & Easy Crafts at HowStuffWorks is full of ideas for crafts that don't require a lot of time or skill. Kids will enjoy these quick and easy crafts.

You are a teacher and you want to teach the children how to make paper people holding hands. Well, we will now show you how to make paper people holding hands.

Craft kits from hobby stores are a fun and organized way to get artsy. Save yourself some money with these five simple, at-home craft projects kids can make -- with stuff you already have in your kitchen and bathroom.

Door hangings are a fun way for kids to keep the family posted on what they're up to, whether it's doing homework or hanging out. Learn how to create your own door hangings with this guide.

The finger-paint masterpiece craft is perfect for very young children – just be forewarned that the materials in this project can make for quite a sugar high that even Monet might not escape.

Make mom's morning cup of coffee a personalized affair by decorating a new mug that's be sure to become a fast favorite.

Let the kids create a masterpiece, and then make it even more special by placing it in a decorative picture frame.

Refrigerators can never have too many magnets, especially when one of them reminds mom of somebody special.

Making this simple, yet endearing, painted past necklace craft can be as fun as watching mom wearing it all day.

Highlight your kid's artistic abilities by helping them incorporate one of their masterpieces into a lampshade.

Your local hardware shop or big box store probably carry pre-painted light switch plates that appeal to kids, but how about letting your family get creative instead?

Mobiles are a neat display -- and they can be a welcome way to draw the eye if the sight of toys littering the floor of a kid's bedroom becomes too much.

Easy water activities for kids make a splash, and water is a material that's always on hand. Learn easy water activities for kids at HowStuffWorks. With names such as Bottle Waves, Liquid Melodies, and Cloud in a Bottle, you will be sure to have lots of splashy fun!

Easy winter activities for kids bring nature indoors with winter-growing plants. Bundle up and learn all about winter-growing plants in these easy winter activities for kids.

Easy volunteer activities will let kids have fun while giving back to the community. Read about easy volunteer activities for kids at HowStuffWorks, such as telephone smile, new kid comrade, and operation clean neighborhood.

Easy science projects for kids can satisfy scientific curiosity in no time flat. Visit HowStuffWorks to learn these easy science projects for kids. With names such as Settle for Dirt, Knock on Wood, and Deep Freeze, you are sure to have lots of scientific fun.

Easy outdoor science activities for kids are simple projects that introduce scientific ideas. Explore with easy outdoor science activities for kids, such as the exploration activity, micro-hike, and the rock-rolling experiment.

Easy outdoor science experiments for kids include fun ways to discover facts about the outdoors. Learn easy outdoor science experiments for kids. With names such as wind detective, leaf scents, and lawn census, you are sure to have a ton of outdoor fun!

Easy indoor activities for kids turn a boring afternoon into a learning adventure. Learn these easy indoor activities for kids at HowStuffWorks.

Easy fitness activities for kids are a fun challenge to get kids in shape. Learn about various fun and easy fitness activities for kids, with names such as Jumping Jack Flash, Milk Bottle Workout, and Hike and Hunt at HowStuffWorks.

Easy Gardening Activities for Kids are educational and fun, and let kids get creative in the garden. Learn about Easy Gardening Activities For Kids, such as these ones - Pineapple Party, Plant Your Socks, and Floral Advertising.

These easy art projects for kids make family time fun time. Learn how to make family trees, herb collages, magazine mosaics and many more easy art projects for kids.

With easy beach activities for kids, a day at the beach can be both fun and educational. Learn more about easy beach activities for kids.

When you and your child make beach crafts, like seaweed art, you can enjoy the beach everyday. Get details on how to make easy beach crafts for kids.

Looking for easy outdoor crafts for kids? Learn how to make recycled container instruments, cattail place mats, and more easy outdoor crafts for kids.

Easy indoor games for kids fight boredom by providing something fun to play. Learn about board games, math games and more that teach and entertain, such as the four score game, penny graph game, and family shoes game.