Ultimate Guide to Recycled Wrapping Paper Crafts

By: Libby Little

Recycled Wrapping Paper Bows

Nothing is worse than needing a bow at the last minute and realizing you don't have time to run to the store. A simple solution is to make the bow with recycled wrapping paper. All you'll need for this project is wrapping paper, tape and a stapler no matter if you want a simple or fancy bow.

Simple Bow

  • Cut a piece of wrapping paper about the size of a standard sheet of printer paper.
  • Cut three long, thin strips lengthwise.
  • Loop one strip over so the ends are touching and tape the ends together. Repeat with second strip. Take both pieces and tape the ends together to form the top of the bow.
  • Cut the third long strip in half. Tape each of the ends to the top of the bow, so they look like the ribbons coming out of the bottom.
  • For the center of the bow, cut a small strip of paper and tape its ends together to make a ring. Fix the ring to the center of the bow by making a ring of tape.

Fancy Bow

  • Cut wrapping paper into roughly 3-by-1-inch (7.62-by-2.54-cm) strips. Cut one additional small, square piece to serve as a placeholder for the center of the bow.
  • Loop each strip over and tape the ends together. Place them around the center placeholder in a circle with the loops on the outside. Add a few pieces of tape to hold them in place.
  • Repeat the process, adding additional layers of complete circles slightly to the right of the original loops. Keep adding layers until you run out of room.
  • Staple the center of the bow a few times to ensure it stays together.
  • Create one final center loop and tape it on with a loop of tape [source: Instructables].

If you don't want the back of the wrapping paper to show at all, you can cut the strips into extra long pieces and then fold them in half and glue them together before beginning the bow-making process. If you want to try something even more intricate, read on to learn about recycled wrapping paper wreaths.